County Executive Announces Reopening of FREE Parking
Dec. 2013
County Reopens Part of the “Trolley Lot” in Armory Square as the Clinton Storage Facility Nears Completion

November 26, 2013

SYRACUSE, NY – Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney today announced that a portion of the “Trolley Lot” in Armory Square will reopen tomorrow afternoon making 100 parking spaces available in Armory Square for holiday shoppers.

“The Armory Square Save the Rain project is nearing completion and we are pleased to reopen part of the Trolley Lot and make it available to holiday shoppers,” said Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney. “Armory Square retailers and patrons have been tremendous partners for the County during the construction of this project and making these parking spaces available free of charge will help these business have a strong start to the holiday season.”

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Holiday Happenings in Armory & Dec. 7th Musical Performance
November - December 2013
‘Holiday Happenings’ in Armory Square Saturday, December 7 herald tidings of good cheer outdoors with street caroling by two groups, Chevelle Moore With the Sounds of Eternity and Syracuse Salvation Army Citadel Choir, and indoors with keyboardist Dick Ford at Blue Tusk, The ‘Jodogs’ at Empire Brewing Company, Kitty’s Irish musical Sessions at Kitty Hoynes, and cellist Melissa Davies at the Jefferson Clinton Hotel.

Led by ‘Abe Walton (Armory Square’s first visionary) and Santa (season’s most popular person), carolers from among two groups move about throughout the streets singing stirring music both seasonal and gospel. Chevelle Moore, founder and director of Sounds of Eternity says the name indicates her own musical compositions that are inspired by “sounds from the heart of God.”

The Syracuse Salvation Army Citadel Choir has performed in past years for the holiday program, always inspiring Armory Square audiences to follow along as the group’s powerful voices sing out as they walk. Saturday afternoon street entertainment is between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

At the Blue Tusk, keyboardist Dick Ford entertains between 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm. Ford is a well known musician who performs regularly as a cocktail and jazz pianist. However, his most notable popularity stems from his founding of Signature Music, a studio programmed to provide affordable private lessons to young people as a way to help them achieve goals through music.

Empire Brewing Company’s Jingle Bell Rock Brunch on December 7 features the ‘Jodogs’ trio, Joe Henson, Taylor Price and Joe Misztal who perform a musical style that they like to call, “rhythm and bluegrass.” Brunch starts at 11:30 am and entertainment begins shortly after and goes until 2:00 pm.

In the beautifully appointed lobby in the Jefferson Clinton Hotel, visitors are welcomed to partake of the free refreshments while being entertained by soft relaxing music. On December 7, cellist Melissa Davies performs. She is a rising star whose love for music has always propelled her toward opportunities to utilize and share her talent. While in college, she performed with Houghton College Philharmonia. Currently, as an employee of the Empire State Division of the Salvation Army, she is frequently invited to play for various conferences and events, including the 2013 Women’s Congress in Hershey, P.A. and the annual Civic Celebration at the Oncenter in Syracuse. During the holiday season, Melissa volunteers for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign, playing cello at various kettle stands in the Buffalo and Syracuse areas.

For enjoyment between 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Kitty Hoynes pleases with Kitty’s Irish Musical Session, a regular featured event at the restaurant that on rotating dates involves a lot of different instrumentation including flute, fiddle, banjo and uilleann Irish pipes.

The Armory Square Association sponsors and produces the holiday program and is grateful for the additional support from other entities that help make it happen. 2013 donors are: City of Syracuse, Save The Rain, Downtown Committee, Eric Mower & Associates, Jefferson Clinton Hotel, Eureka Crafts, Empire Brewing Co., Frankie & Faye, Benjamin’s on Franklin, Pastabilities, Kitty Hoynes, Sugarman Law Firm, Blue Tusk, Mr. Shop, Jet Black, Bounce, Mullys, Showoffs, Eva’s Boutique, Ken Kushner Designs, Oleander, Elsbeth Rose and Designer Warehouse.

Nov. - Dec. 2013
‘Holiday Happenings’ weekends in downtown’s Armory Square kick-off on Friday night, November 29 starting at 6:00 pm with festivities planned especially for families coming here before and after the annual tree lighting in Clinton Square just a few short blocks away.

On that Friday night, “Musical Windows on the Square” beckons visitors first to the corner of West Fayette and South Franklin Streets where the season’s favorite music resounds in the area, played by Signature Music’s talented student musicians featured live in the windows at the
Mr. Shop. Outside, children may touch and learn to blow a note on regular sized instruments, and also receive a toy one from jolly ole, red-suited Santa who magically appears in their midst. Adding to the music scene, the noted ‘Five To life’ a cappella singers entertain in the Square along with the familiar Mr. Abe Walton, Armory Square’s first visionary entrepreneur who returns each year at this time to welcome everyone and do some storytelling.

The next day on Saturday and throughout the following next four Saturday afternoons, ‘Holiday Happenings’ are scheduled outdoors and at various indoor locations for the purpose of making the season’s harried time a more enjoyable and relaxing experience for visitors. Outdoors, Abe Walton and Santa are going to hand out candy canes while strolling the Square with each Saturday’s choral groups -- the Chittenango H. S. Choir, Chevelle Moore with Sounds of Eternity, Salvation Army Syracuse Citadel Choir, Syracuse Brigadiers, Theophoncs a cappella singers and the Cathedral Church Choir. Inside at Empire Brewing Co., different bands perform at the restaurant’s Jingle Bell Rock Brunches, while at The Blue Tusk, director of Signature Music, Dick Ford plays piano during lunch hours. On three of the Saturdays afternoons at Kitty Hoynes, Kitty’s musical Irish Sessions are not to be missed. On Thursday evening, December 12, shops are open extended hours for people to ‘shop and dine at the same time.’ And, for total relaxation, visitors are invited each Saturday afternoon to the Jefferson Clinton Hotel for free afternoon teas and the soothing music of harp, flute, cello, guitar and keyboard.

Performing at the hotel on November 30 is Duo L’Adour, featuring flautist Martha Grener and harpist Lacey Lee. Formed a year ago, the ensemble is recognized as one of the area’s most promising new groups, having already received a SAMMY nomination and recording two albums with a third in the works. Indicative of Duo L’Adour’s range of music, the pair can be heard on multiple radio stations including WCNY, Y94 and FM99.

On the following three Saturdays at the hotel, Cellist Melissa Davies, The Great Lakes Guitar Quartet, and Todd Hobin Solo playing piano and guitar are booked to entertain.

The Armory Square Association sponsors and produces the holiday program and is grateful for the additional support from other entities that help make it happen. 2013 donors are: City of Syracuse, Save The Rain, Downtown Committee, Eric Mower & Associates, Eureka Crafts, Empire Brewing Co., Frankie & Faye, Benjamin’s on Franklin, Pastabilities, Kitty Hoynes, Sugarman Law Firm, Blue Tusk, Mr. Shop, Jet Black, Bounce, Mullys, Showoffs, Eva’s Boutique, Ken Kushner Designs, Oleander, Elsbeth Rose and Designer Warehouse.



Friday night, November 29
Musical Windows on the Square performed by Signature Music student musicians
Outdoors - Abe Walton, Santa and “Five to Life”

November 30
Outdoors - Abe Walton, Santa and Chittenango H. S. Choir
Blue Tusk – Dick Ford, pianist
Empire Brewing Co.– Jingle Bell Rock Brunch
Jefferson Clinton Hotel – Duo L’Adour: Marther Grener, flute and Lacy Lee, harp

December 7
Outdoors - Abe Walton, Santa, Chevelle Moore with Sounds of Eternity and
Salvation Army Syracuse Citadel Choir
Blue Tusk – Dick Ford
Empire Brewing Co. - Jingle Bell Rock Brunch
Kitty Hoynes – Kitty’s Irish Musical Session
Jefferson Clinton Hotel – Melissa Davies, cellist

Thursday night, December 12
Jingle Mingle (Shop & Dine at the Same Time)

December 14
Outdoors - Abe Walton, Santa and Syracuse Brigadiers
Blue Tusk – Dick Ford
Empire Brewing Co. – Jingle Bell Rock Brunch
Kitty Hoynes – Tom Dooley Choraliers
Jefferson Clinton Hotel – Great Lakes Guitar Quartet

December 21
Outdoors - Abe Walton, Santa, Cathedral Church Choir and ‘Theophonics’
Blue Tusk – Dick Ford, pianist
Empire Brewing Co. – Jingle Bell Rock Brunch
Kitty Hoyne – Kitty’s Musical Irish Session
Jefferson Clinton Hotel – Todd Hobin Solo, piano/guitar

Sundays in Armory Square
February 2013
Details: has a great story about more places opening on Sunday with more people in Armory on Sundays. It includes a list of what's open and closed. Click here to read it.

Here's the list as of February 8, 2013:

Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge, 321 S. Clinton St.; opens at 8 p.m. (no food)
The Black Olive, 316 S. Clinton St.; 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
China Cafe, 227 W. Fayette St.; 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Empire Brewing Co., 120 Walton St.; 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (brunch menu), 11:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (standard menu)
Freedom of Espresso, 144 Walton St.; 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Holmes Pub, 321 W. Fayette St.; 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. (no food)
Lemon Grass Restaurant, 238 W. Jefferson St.; 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Limerick Pub, 134 Walton St.; opens at noon (no food)
LoFo, 214 Walton St.; 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Pastabilities, 311 S. Franklin St.; 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Its bakery across the street is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
P.J.’s Pub and Grille, 116 Walton St.; 11:30 to 8 p.m. (food); bar open until close
Sakana-Ya, 215 Walton St.; 1 to 9 p.m.
Syracuse Suds Factory, 320 S. Clinton St.; noon to 2 a.m.
Starbucks Coffee, 290 W. Jefferson St.; 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Subway, 140 Walton St.; opens 10:30 a.m.

bc Restaurant, 247 W. Fayette St.
Benjamin’s on Franklin, 314 S. Franklin St.
Bittersweet Wine Bar & Desserts, 121 W. Fayette St.
The Blue Tusk, 165 Walton St.
Clinton St. Pub, 127 W. Fayette St.
Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub & Restaurant, 301 W. Fayette St.
La Taqueria, 409 S. Clinton St.
Mulrooney’s, 239 W. Fayette St.
Nick’s Tomato Pie, 109 Walton St.
Namu Restaurant & Bar, 215 Walton St.
Provisions Bakery, 216 Walton St.

Armory Square Mobile Website & App
July 2012
Armory Square recently updated its website, mobile website and Android mobile app. While our main website continues to serve a great number of people with information about the local businesses and events, with more people going to the web via mobile phones and tablets, we wanted to make sure they had easy, quick access.

Our main site uses Adobe Flash animated components, which can't be seen in many mobile devices. Our new mobile site is a much sleeker, slimmed down version with quick access to business listings. Both the mobile site and app use the same databases and information for business and and event listings as our main site, but provide it in a simpler format for small screens. This means when we update our listings and information, it will automatically be updated on both versions of our website and app. The app - available for Android devices on GoogleTM Play - is very similar to the mobile site with the added advantage of allowing Android device users to install it for fast access. Additionally, the Armory Square Twitter and Facebook are integrated across all platforms, with the Twitter feed always showing the latest tweets about deals, events, news and much more.

The site has been maintained voluntarily for the past several years by Lerentech Solutions, a downtown Syracuse web design and tech firm. Recognizing the growing need for a site optimized for mobile, Lerentech also volunteered to build the mobile version of the website as well as the Android app free of charge for the non-profit Armory Square Association.

Users going to the site at from a mobile device will automatically be redirected to the mobile version, with an option to switch to the main site design. Android users can download the Armory Square App here.

Armory Square Book
June 22, 2009
On June 22nd, the much-anticipated book, "Armory Square: Then and Now," will be released by Arcadia Publishing. Arcadia, a leading publisher of historical books, has previously published similar books of historical photographs from the greater Syracuse area authored by Dennis Connors of the Onondaga Historical Association.

The Armory Square book, however, will be the first book to offer a "then and now" look at downtown Syracuse, featuring historic photos from the early 20th century along side photos from today. There will also be a number of photos from the period just prior to the beginning of the numerous renovations that have made Armory Square the hip, urban hot-spot it is today. In this way the book will serve to tell the story of a historic neighborhood that was at one time a thriving manufacturing district before suffering a decline, but later to be reborn as an urban neighborhood now known for fine dining, unique retail, entertainment and a lively nightlife scene.

The book was authored by Robert Podfigurny of the Armory Square Association and George Curry, a key-developer in the rebirth of Armory Square. The Onondaga Historical Association assisted a great deal in the project by providing many historical photographs and a wealth of information. A special thanks also to those individuals and businesses that provided additional support: the Downtown Committee of Syracuse; Joe Rainone of Mulrooney's Pub; Rich Sykes and RHS Holdings, LLC; Rick Tait and Pioneer Cos.; and the Armory Square Association.

The book will sell for $21.99 and will be available at Eureka Crafts in Armory Square, Barnes and Noble, Borders Books, Powell Books,, and many independent retailers in Syracuse. A discount is available to retailers interested in purchasing the book for resale. Armory Square area businesses interested in purchasing multiple copies, please contact Robert Podfigurny by e-mailing Volume discounts may be available.

Visit the publisher's website to read more about the book!

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